Uprise provides anonymised, aggregated data about program completion and basic score improvements. The purpose of this is so we can ensure that wellbeing is improving across workplaces as a whole, so we can make sure our program is the most effective it can be.

For example: we measure your baseline wellbeing scores and then again one and three months into the program. We report the average for all users as a single score like this: "Baseline measures of wellbeing were 34 out of 100 on average. At one month, scores had increased to 56 and were 77 at 3 months".

You can see from the above that we don't mention individual scores or information that could identify you like your name, email etc. We also don't provide reports unless there are 5 or more participants so that there is no risk of identifying an individual user in a small group. 

Your individual results are never shared with anyone outside of Uprise. Furthermore, nothing you discuss with your coach will be shared with anyone else – see this help article for more info.

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